23 March 2011

DC Comics Does "Rocky Horror"

10 March 2011


01 March 2011

Mr. Snuggles

Mr. Snuggles isn't a real cat, but an app for the iPhone.

I'm about to head off to Afghanistan for six months and will be feline-less during that time.  I was looking for some kind of purr simulator and ran across Mr. Snuggles.  I tell you what... For a simulated purr, it's just as soothing as the real thing.

The obvious drawback is that you don't get the tactile enjoyment you normally get from stroking a real cat's fur.  But the simulated fur does react to your touch, so you can smooth it out or ruffle it up. One obvious plus is that you don't have to worry about cleaning a litter box.

Even though the app is designed for the iPhone, it works just as well on the iPad.  With the "2x" feature, you have an even bigger kitty to pet.

27 February 2011

Divine Plan... Really?

I have three sisters.  All of us have divergent religious ideologies.  Kaye (the oldest) is Wiccan.  Shannon (next after me) is kind of ambiguous.  I think she mentioned Buddhism at one time.  Erin (the youngest and Shannon's twin) is Christian.

Last night Shannon, who is 21 weeks pregnant, went to the ER because she started bleeding.  The outlook doesn't look good.  She's fully dilated and it doesn't seem as if there's anything the doctors could do to halt the labor.

She and her boyfriend have been keeping the family up to date on the situation through posts on Twitter and Facebook.  The rest of us have been reposting these updates for the benefit of other family members.  As can be expected, there have been replies from friends along the line of "I'm praying for your sister and the baby" or "You and your family are in my thoughts."  These kinds of comments don't bother me.  What gets me is when the Evangelicals on Erin's wall start stating things like "I agree we don't know HIS plan we just have to trust HIS plan."

Divine plan?  Really?  What part could the death of a 21-week old fetus possibly have to play in ANY plan - divine or other?  And don't give me that "God needs another angel" bullshit.  I would prefer to have a healthy, active nephew, thank you very much.

And then there's my sister.  She's not exactly out of the woods yet.  While she's in a pretty good hospital (from what I understand), complications could set in that threaten her life as well.  While I'm not exactly close to my family, I don't want any of them dead, either.

Is there really any wonder why I'm not a Christian?

22 February 2011

The Encyclopedia of Witchcraft and Demonology

My parents had a copy of this exact edition of Robbins' "Encyclopedia of Witchcraft and Demonology" in the living room bookcase while I was growing up.  It followed me out of the house when I left for college.  I don't think they've even noticed it's missing...

The full-sized version of the ad can bee seen here.

18 February 2011


Oedipus... starring vegetables (2004).

14 February 2011

Happy St. Valentine's Day

Massacre, that is...